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Making Digital Prelim Papers

To create a digital prelim with answer boxes you need a PDF editor such as:

You need one of these applications to create the answer boxes for pupils to type their answers.

Click here to download a comparison of the various tools.

Adobe Acrobat

You can download a 30 trial version or Acrobat from Adobe

Or buy a full copy from:

Make sure you order education licences because they are much cheaper than the standard commercial prices.

Acrobat Pro now seems much more expensive than it used to be:  a single 'perpetual' licence is £164, while between 10 and 49 licences cost £123 per licence.

So you might want to look at the others which are a lot cheaper.


Ways to create a digital prelim paper

1. Create your prelim

  1. Design your prelim using Microsoft Word or a DTP package such as Serif PagePlus or Adobe InDesign.
  2. With PagePlus and InDesign you can draw in answer boxes (form fields) and save the file as a PDF ready to use.
  3. With Word, you need to save the prelim as a PDF and then open it with a PDF editor such as Acrobat Pro / Foxit / PagePlus and draw in the answer boxes.

2. Buy a commercial prelim paper

  1. Buy PDF digital prelim papers from P&N, Perfect or Pegasys;
  2. Add answer boxes using Acrobat Pro / Foxit / PagePlus.

3. Scan a paper prelim

  1. Scan a paper prelim using a digital scanner;
  2. Convert the scanned paper to readable text with Acrobat Pro;
  3. Add answer boxes using Acrobat Pro / Foxit / PagePlus.