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Extend Rights for Adobe Reader

If your students are going to use Adobe Reader XI or above to access the paper, stop now - you've finished.

If the students are using Adobe Reader X or earlier, you must 'Reader Extend' or 'Extend User Rights' on your finished paper so that pupils can complete it with Adobe Reader. You must do this: if you don't, pupils won't be able to save their answers or use drawing and commenting tools.

To reader-extend the paper, make sure you have closed form editing. Then:

  • Acrobat Pro 8:
    • Click Advanced and then 'Enable User Rights in Adobe Reader';
  • Acrobat Pro 9:
    • Click 'Advanced' and then 'Extend Features in Adobe Reader';
  • Acrobat Pro X:
    • Click 'File' and then 'Save as';
    • Then 'Reader Extended PDF' and 'Extend Features in Adobe Reader';
  • Acrobat Pro XI and above:
    • Click 'File' and then 'Save as Other';
    • Then 'Reader Extended PDF' and 'Enable More Tools (includes form fill and save)';

Extending User Rights is the last thing you do once you have finished adding form fields - add all your answer boxes first and make all other adaptations before Extending Reader Rights. This is because you will not be able to edit the paper once you have reader-extended it. (If you want to edit a reader-extended paper, click File > Save a Copy, and edit the copy.) 

When you save the extended version, give it a different name so you know which ones are reader-enabled and which aren't. It's good practice to keep two versions:

  • The reader-extended file for the students,
  • and the original.

Why? if you want to make any changes you should use the original file and then make another reader-extended version. This is because you can’t make changes to the file once it has been reader-enabled. Agree on a file naming scheme before you start, e.g. call all your original or editable files “English Prelim” and all the reader-extended files "English Prelim RE".

Test your paper! Check that it behaves correctly.